transference, a term used more in therapy. most people think the immediate.. oh you have feelings for your therapist…. you can’t stop thinking about them, wanting to be their friend or more. Wanting to see them outside of therapy. well the transference i am feeling towards my therapist isn’t like that at all becuase i… Read more Transference.


i’ve really come to appreciate perspectives in conversations. i think this is why i feel my life has become more fulfilled lately. hearing other life experiences, journeys, and growth has been so life changing. its giving me life that my heart feels so full. now when it comes to perspectives its also a multi-layered things.… Read more Perspectives

End of 2020

and just like that… the year ends. part of me feels like i’m still living in March when it all started. it almost seems unreal that the year is over. i know for most, it seems like 2020 was a shit show and sure i had my moments of that too. however, i made it.… Read more End of 2020

“Safe” Space

what is a safe space? what does that mean? what does it look like? what does it feel like? a couple weeks ago, i made an instagram reel in a joking manner about “holding” space. terms that life coaches use so much that we forget that for an average person, they won’t know what the… Read more “Safe” Space

A decade ago…

it’s been a while since i last blogged. i’ve been wanting to but wasn’t fully called to because i didn’t have words. now tonight i feel good enough and up to put my thoughts down. so i’m an INFJ, one of the rare MBTI personality types, so writing is a thing for us. at least… Read more A decade ago…

unlearning family

they say blood is thicker than water when it comes to family but in reality that isn’t always the case for some of us. what does family mean to you? what does family look like to you? what does family feel like for you? we don’t get to pick and choose the family we are… Read more unlearning family

“I’m not good enough”

let’s unpack this at 2:50am. i spoke to my therapist about this … yesterday and it’s been on my mind for a while. i pick up vibes from people and have people actually speak up and say they don’t feel they are good enough to either.. 1. be my friend2. date me3. be/stay my significant… Read more “I’m not good enough”

“i miss you”

ok the title, no i’m not here to pour my heart out on missing someone. sorry for the let down. here is the reason why “i miss you” is in air quotes. i realized something just now, like i don’t realize shit every fucking second of the day in this active over thinking brain of… Read more “i miss you”

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