Who the f*ck is Jasper Grey?

  1. Remember my name, not because its catchy but because I’m going to make a difference and change your life.
  2. A human being that is constantly growing and evolving.
  3. Label hater because it limits our potential to be boxed in.

If you must, Jasper Grey is a creator, designer, CEO, soloprenuer and certified coach.

Growing up, I knew I was “different” and deep down inside I knew I am meant to be somebody. Here with a life purpose to create impact and make a bold statement with my presence without spoken words. Quiet and mysterious that causes curiosity to the outside world because once I speak, there is greater depth and genuine connection that is a rare find. Through the bullshit I’ve been through, lying, cheating, stealing and backstabbing, I’ve never stopped supporting and helping people. I own that whole-heartedly.

At a very young age, I’ve always been an observer and found interest in human behaviors, which lead me down the road of self expression. I’ve gone through many phases in trial and error in finding who Jasper Grey is and to this day I’m still trying to figure that out and that is apart of who I am and my story.

I knew I didn’t belong in a “regular” education, meaning I don’t learn by reading and writing. I’m a hands on do-er. I learn by my own experiences, given family shit will always prevent that. Since high school, I pursued cooking and design. Got heavy into graphic design but didn’t feel challenged, it came too easy. Detoured to Car Design, but got rejected from Art Center. Visited Otis College of Art and Design, had a de-ja vu moment in the wood shop, 2 days later got accepted and school started the following week.

2011, graduated with a BFA in Product Design, which I never pursued or used because do we all go into that career path we threw thousands of dollars away on? Not always because I ended up working as a Product Photographer and Graphic Designer. I’ve been doing Graphic Design work for 15+ years. In between I launched a clothing brand (JRKFCE), it was fun first business idea. Shut that down when I felt the name no longer resonated with me.

2014 was a rebirth. Moved out of state to start fresh. Launched BLVCK LABEL LLC and to this day its still changing just like I am.

2016, Jasper Grey was ready to pursue my voice and placement in this world. Took my health and fitness seriously to get my mind on right. Lifestyle change for the better. The first investment back into myself and able to drop 30lbs through trial and error.

2020 Major Awakening. This time the focus was all on ME because I felt so lost and defeated in this world. Craving for the depth and connection, I didn’t start my personal growth journey until 2020 when the pandemic hit. A forced stop that changed my inner world and started to do the “work”. Landed in therapy and found my people in the life coaching world. Those conversations lead me to cutting the bullshit and shutting out the noise. I connected deeper within myself and enhanced my intuition, self awareness and emotional intelligence. All while deciding on document my growth journey/story/experience all on Youtube.

“Life Coach” label still doesn’t fit me because I will forever be growing and evolving onto bigger things for my calling. I am here to be the example that we don’t always have to have it figured out or “niched” down because we all do so much. Here fighting for that space of the inbetweeners and do it allers. This is what personal branding is about isn’t it? I’m not perfect and even as hard as I try, I will never be perfect and I am ok with that. I am meant for so much more in this life and all I ever want to do is help, provide and want to know how I can better serve and support you.

Boxed in

Life Coach

Certified – JRNI Coaching
Areas of expertise:
Personal Growth, Relationships, Gender Identity, Accountability, Hypeman Mentality – the Motivator, Space Holder, Mindset, LGBTQIA+

Health & Fitness

• Verb Coach
• Flexible Dieter – Macro Based
• Mind/Body Connection
• Rest and Recovery

Creator & Designer

• BFA Product Design
• 15+ yrs Graphic Design Experience
• YouTube Content Creator
• DIY Crafter
• Branding Consultant


• Print & Embroideries