Embroidering on Dickies Jacket

On todays episode, we are embroidering on the backs of the Dickies work jackets without the lining on the inside. This is a custom design as my clients are fans of the show Wentworth. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it!

If you do need a detailed how-to please feel free to message me or check out my other embroidery blog posts as its all pretty much the same processes!

Anyways! Here’s the info on products used!

Products Used:
Dickies Jacket

What I Used in this Video:
• Mighty Hoops
• Tear Away Stabilizer
• Cut Away Stabilizer
• Water Soluble
• Target Stickers
 Craft Scissors
• Embroiderer Helper

Must have Tools that I use A LOT :
Weeding Pen
Paper Cutter
Rotary Cutter
Craft Scissors
Embroiderer Helper

Check out my Etsy Store | BLVCK LABEL or contact me directly for custom projects!

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