Oracal 651: Making QR Code Vinyl Decals and Vinyl Stickers for Packaging!

Today’s video is for one of my friends Peggy who is the boss babe over at Glamour Gains!!! She requested custom QR code vinyl decals that she can place on her cars and a couple vinyl stickers of her logo that she can place on her boxes!

What I Used in this Video:
• Cameo 3
• Metallic Gold Vinyl
• Big Roll of Matte White Vinyl
Grid Transfer Tape
• Weeding Tools
 Rotary Cutter


  1. Turn on Cameo3
  2. Place vinyl on cutting mat
  3. Load cutting mat into cutter
  4. Send the artwork through (You don’t need to mirror the design)
  5. Let the machine take over
  6. Once the cut is done, we press unload.
  7. Remove the vinyl from the cutting mat
  8. Start the weeding process
  9. After weeding is done, cut the transfer tape to the needed size
  10. Carefully line up and place the design onto the transfer tape
  11. Using the cutter to trim the excess parts we do not need.
  12. Using the vinyl applicator, i make sure to go over the front and back side a few times
  13. Package it up because we are done!

Must have Tools that I use:
Weeding Pen
Paper Cutter
Rotary Cutter

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