How to Undo Embroidered Apparel

Mistakes happen and it’s all going to be ok because there is always ways to provide solutions. I mean there are answers all over google and youtube.

Two videos ago, I did a bulk embroidery job. Turns out the logo they had submitted to me was the wrong one. I offered two options to fix this: the

1. Replace the apparel but that wasn’t an option due to the price of the garment per piece

2. To see how long it’ll take to remove the threads and what it would look like after the threads are out.

So we tried with one first and the first one I didn’t use the razor so it took me a couple hours. It was miserable! It felt like I was performing major surgery.

(I had to pause all other projects as I was trying to make this right as soon as possible. If you don’t know PT’s Tavern, they are pretty big business, one of the biggest accounts that came across my path. I wanted to make good to perhaps build this relationship to keep this account if possible.)

When time is money, I turned to google and came across a video from youtube where they used a regular razor. You know me, I love trying things out so I gave it a try, it definitely helped and made the process faster! Due to the material of these garments, the embroidery did leave the puncture holes so I did my best with the correct logo as a HTV to cover as much as possible.

After the first sample of fixing, they got the OK from their higher up so…here I go taking out all the embroidery for all of the 20+ shirts. I had to ask for help and with another person helping, it still took about a total of 24 hours to take out the threads.

Cutting the HTV and heat pressing it on was quick but all I can say is I was grateful for the experience. I’m now a pro at taking out embroidery threads and I’m happy to share it on YouTube.

We aren’t always going to get it right because mistakes happen but I believe there are always ways to fix things. This is the beauty of building a business with all the lessons which turns into experience and new knowledge.

What You Need (besides a whole lot of time):

Disposable Razors
Seam Ripper

How to Remove Embroidery:

  1. Turn the garment inside out
  2. Remove Gentle Touch if You’ve used it
  3. Start Using the Razor to cut up all the thread and bobbin thread
  4. Once you’re done removing most of the threads, remove the backing
  5. the backing should lift right off, if not more shaving to do
  6. Flip the garment to the front side
  7. Grab your tweezers and start pulling out the thread GENTLY
  8. You don’t want to tug too hard or else you’ll get a knot and that’ll cause major holes in the garment depending on material if you pulled too hard and it came out ripping through.
  9. The front threads should come off super easily
  10. Repeat any necessary steps until all embroidery threads have been removed.

That’s really it. Once in a while you’ll get some that aren’t ready due to the underside not being cut. Which then I’d recommend using the seam ripper to gently cut/break it apart.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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