Bulk Order Shirts with Front, Back, and Sleeve HTV Print.

When it comes to bulk orders with HTV, it can take up a lot of time during the weeding process if the designs are intricate. With this particular bulk order, it wasn’t too bad. Simple designs are easier to weed, however when it came to the back logo, I did actually cut two different sizes. Smalls-Large are 9.5″ and sizes Large-2X were 11″. The sleeve hits max size I’d offer would be 3″ wide so some looked bigger than others due to length of the names.

During this project, I really appreciated HTV and how you can easily provide customization to this degree with names and if they were to switch up in color that could work too, but if you haven’t noticed, I mainly work in black and white so most my clients also work in black and white.

All right enough about that, here are the breakdown of supplies, tools and equipment that I use:

What I Used in this Video:
Hotronix Fusion IQ
Siser Easyweed HTV
Paper Cutter
Weeding Pen
Next Level T-shirt
Cameo 3

Place White HTV onto the 12×24″ cutting mat
Load it in to your cameo cutter
In your Silouette Studios – Select Heat Transfer Vinyl Smooth in your cut settings.
I usually bump up the force to a 7 instead of the recommended 4
Remember to always cut your design in REVERSE for HTV
Send it and let your cutter do its thing
Once done cutting, before unloading, I’d recommend to try and weed somewhere on the sheet to make sure its pulls off smooth and easy
then unload.

Meanwhile if I haven’t turned my heat press on, I’d go and turn it on (Hotronix does take almost 15 minutes to heat up to 310F)

Remove HTV from cutting mat
I use the paper cutter to cut away excess vinyl as scraps but can be used for other projects
Start weeding
Use the paper cutter to cut and separate the designs

Time to start pressing…

Always prepress your shirt for 5-10 seconds to get any moisture out for better adhering
Center Logo placed 3″ below neck line
Press for 5-10 seconds
Peel off carrier sheet
Place silicone sheet over the htv and shirt then press for another 10 seconds

Now the front is completed lets move to the back:

Fold the shirt in half and press for 2-3 seconds to get the center line
You can use a t-shirt template helper for placement
I normally fold the HTV in half to find the center
I line up the center lines from the shirt and the transfer
Then I’d pick up the shirt to make sure everything is aligned
Set the shirt back on the press and press 5-10 seconds
Remove the carrier sheet
Place the silicone sheet over then press for 10 seconds

Now we move to the hat press for the sleeves:

Turn the hat press on and set the temp to 310F
Thread the sleeve onto the hat press
Place HTV on the sleeve (It should look upside down)
Press for 5 seconds
Remove carrier sheet
Press for another 5-10 seconds


Must have Tools that I use A LOT :
Weeding Pen
Paper Cutter
Rotary Cutter
Craft Scissors
Embroiderer Helper
12″ x 24″ Cutting Mat
T-shirt Folder

Shipping Essentials:
T-Shirt Clear Bags
Sticker Clear Bags
T-Shirt Black Shipping Polybags

Check out my Etsy Store | BLVCK LABEL or contact me directly for custom projects!

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