Making Wall Art Stickers with Cameo 4 Pro

Today’s Upload was a video of me fulfilling a wall art order from my Etsy Store!

What I Used in this Video:
Cameo 4 Pro
24″ Oracal 651 Matte Black Vinyl
24″ Transfer
24″ Paper Cutter
Weeding Tools
Rotary Cutter


  1. Turn on Cameo 4 Pro
  2. Put the roller feeders in place
  3. Place Vinyl on feeder and load the vinyl into the cutter
  4. Send the artwork through
  5. Let the machine take over
  6. Once the cut is done, we press unload.
  7. Take roll over to my paper cutter and cut the artwork section
  8. Start the weeding process, I do this carefully and by sections to avoid a mess or accidentally gettings parts stuck on the letters I need.
  9. Once the weeding is done, I use another 24″ tube to help lay the transfer tape down by rolling them across together
  10. Using a utility knife, I cut the transfer tape
  11. Using a ruler and trim the excess parts we do not need.
  12. Using the vinyl applicator, i make sure to go ver the front and back side a few times
  13. Then I roll it to fit in the plastic tube bag
  14. Place vinyl into boxes, taped up and ready to go!

Must have Tools that I use:
Weeding Pen
Paper Cutter
Rotary Cutter

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