How To Embroider Beanies

Materials Used:

(FULL DISCLAIMER: Below are amazon affiliate links which means I’ll make a small commission on the links)

Embroidery Machine : Babylock Emp6
Magnetic Hoop: Mighty hoop
Beanie : Sportsman Long Cuff Beanie
Stabilizers : Cutaway Stabilizer Water Soluble Stabilizer
Scissors: Detailed Scissors | Shears | Fabric Scissors
Stickers : Target Stickers

My Steps:
1. Always make a flat sample to ensure the embroidery file runs smoothly.
2. Cut it out and placed against the beanie for sizing
3. Take a quick photo and sent it over to my client for approval

Once Approved we begin the process.

  1. Place target sticker with arrow pointing up
  2. Flip all beanies inside out.
  3. Place the cutaway stabilizer on top of the bottom hoop
  4. place hoop and stabilizer inside the beanie
  5. then carefully put the top hoop on top
  6. place hoop on the embroidery machine and center needle on the target sticker
  7. take sticker off and place the water soluble stabilizer on top
  8. run the embroidery job
  9. remove the hoop from teh machine once done
  10. take the hoop off inclduing the one inside
  11. cut the threads so you don’t pull on it when tearing away the water soluble
  12. tear and take off the top water soluble as much as you can
  13. spray water and rub over it with a towel to get the remaining stabilizer
  14. clean up the embroidery as needed
  15. flip the beanie inside out
  16. cutaway the stabilizer as close as possible

Then you are done!

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