How to apply HTV on flat canvas

A quick 2 minute video of how I apply HTV onto these 5×7 flat canvases.

Step by step guide on how to make your own below:

What you’ll need
• Flat Canvases (I bought these as a set from Amazon)
• Vinyl Cutter (I’m using a Cameo 3)
• Siser Easyweed HTV
• Heat Press (I’m using a Hotronix Fusion IQ)
• Silhouette Studios or Cricut Design Space
• SVG File – Your Design File
Time and Temperature
• 310F
• 5-10 seconds


  1. Cut the Siser Easyweed to the right dimensions
  2. Place HTV on cutting mat (Clear side face down)
  3. Load into your cutter
  4. Open up your software and import/open your SVG file
  5. Size the artwork to your desire size
  6. Send your file to cut
  7. While you wait, this is a good time to turn on your heat press if you have not already
  8. When your design has finished cutting – go ahead and unload it from the cutter
  9. Remove vinyl from cutting mat
  10. Start weeding the extra vinyl that is not apart of your design
  11. Place HTV on to your canvas
  12. Place canvas in the heat press and press for 5 seconds
  13. Remove the carrier sheet from the vinyl
  14. Press again for 5-10 seconds
  15. Remove the canvas from heat press and you’re all done!


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