Shifts in Success

what does success mean to you, what does it look and feel like?

i use to hate change but now i fully embrace it because I’ve learned that i am forever evolving. Sure there are some core valuesa and deep rooted things that don’t change but as i experience more in life through people, stories or wahtever else life throws at me, it continues to shift.

for the longest owning a lambo has been a dream of mine. still is and i’m not too sure as to why. it could be some type of material measure of success. like i’ve made it or something. to think back as a child, i don’t even know where i got the idea of a lambo. now a days it seems common as most online influencers all own a lambo. which almost to me doesn’t seem exclusive anymore. still want one though.

materialistic things as a measure of success was a vision i’ve always had. the look and feel of my home for a while shouted ” i really fucking made it” i’m rich and have my dream car, my dream home. while i don’t have a lambo nor a dream home, but i do own the roof over my head.

since i started working on myself and putting in the work, i’m starting to realize what truly sets my soul on fire. as i still continue to sit in discomfort from time to time whil epeople mirror and trigger me… its starting to make me rethink my values and what success truly means to me now. i’ve been more aware of the moments i catch myself feeling fulfilled. when i feel fulfilment deeoly inside, thats when i feel the richest. its not even about materialistic things at all anymore. its so much more complex and deeper than what meets the eye.

it’s really narrowed down by serving people, support them and pushing them when they need a push. then here is what truly shifted everything. when i find out their little or big success happens because i was apart of that journey.. that is rich. that is success. its not about the fame or money at all, its about purpose and fulfilment.

everyone wants to chase the money, the fame, the likes and followers. i’ll admit that was a thing for me but it never happened and now i know why. I didn’t put much effort in trying to gain more followers or more likes and again now i know why because that isn’t the success i want or need. it’s the private intimacy and value for me. it’s the feeling of fulfillment when i watch them win or when they share their wins with me. thats filthy rich. its never been about the money even though i love it and i love materialistic shit but this is so much bigger financials. life is worth more. i still have a lot of unpacking to do with this and it’s going to take more time for me to dig deeper but that’s where i’m currently at.

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