i’ve really come to appreciate perspectives in conversations. i think this is why i feel my life has become more fulfilled lately. hearing other life experiences, journeys, and growth has been so life changing. its giving me life that my heart feels so full.

now when it comes to perspectives its also a multi-layered things. hearing others life stories is one perspective and that’s always eye opening but to engage in a conversations filled with perspectives that get you to think or trigger something deeper to help you connect the dots, now that is a real orgasm.

i don’t think i’ve ever fully experienced this in such a deep, meaningful way. i’m starting to believe this is deeper than we think it is. but this isn’t about them, this is about the perspective they bring to me. i’ve always felt like i am able to see a situation on multiple sides and that’s one thing i love about my brain. i’ve always known i’m intelligent and craved deep, meaningful conversations. however tonight i truly love conversations that tests perspectives. instead of seeing 360 and more in depth, now its going in deeper and trying to get down to the root of things. digging down multiple layers to find the core is where i am at now and where this person pushed and challenged me to go.

beautiful minds sharing intellectual conversations. this is what sparks me to be more alive. this is why i think my life is on its way and i’m not afraid. i’m starting to feel like i’m on the right path and honestly, how safe i feel with them almost feels like home. who would of ever thought i’d be able to experience such a deep level of connection with someone. this shit is bananas. a few of them for sure are definitely my soul tribe. each person brings a different side and has taught and allowed me to grow with them on these journey and for them to grow with me. the equal energy exchange.

perspectives is huge when it becomes so mind blowing to the point you find your own triggers in it. when you are able to connect the dots back to you and trace it even deeper to the root. I don’t know how to explain it but again, i am so happy to have this person in my life as i am constantly learning so much more and digging more in depth. this is how my secure attachment has been formed and i can’t help but appreciate it so much. i wish all of my relationships were like this but i also know this is one of a kind.

another thing about perspectives is just all of the directions and layers. meeting people where they are at with no judgement, no expectations, we can be ahead of them or behind, more in depth or surfaced. just everything from everyone brings something to the table. having pure understanding while the conversation just flows so deeply and rich. i don’t even know how to put it into words right now but its just been so fulfilling. mentally stimulated and sparks something deep within me to make connections and able to pinpoint my very own patterns.

these conversations are what i am living for in 2021. listening when people share their truth while processing it for myself and just having “ah-ha” moments is wild. those instant moments is what changes and shifts your perspectives and understanding of things. the human emotional connections that bring truth and reasonings, everything.

equal parts of being seen and heard, reciprocated back and forht in the conversation is where it is at. i’m honestly blessed and super lucky to be able to have experienced this and continue to live it almost daily. i’m ready for this year.

more growth and power in 2021. connecting the dots. getting down to the root of the problems that become patterns. this is going to be fun in therapy as well. i’m all for it because i am ready.

perspective changes us for the better.

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