End of 2020

and just like that… the year ends. part of me feels like i’m still living in March when it all started.

it almost seems unreal that the year is over. i know for most, it seems like 2020 was a shit show and sure i had my moments of that too. however, i made it. so much growth and change has happened for me this year. everything that had happened, had to have happen for me to grow and become a stronger human being.

being isolated and having the world slow down was probably the best thing that’s ever happen to me this year. my relationship ended this year and honestly, it was meant to be over. we just weren’t meant to be together and as soon as that was over and done with, my life changed for the better. it was almost like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and in came a lot of blessings.

i got a chance to build so many relationships that truly mean something. they met me where i am, heard me and saw me. most of all they cared and had my back. growing with them has been the best relationships i’ve ever had. meeting all these connections has helped me grow, build secure attachments, being able to be vulnerable and express my feelings has been so freeing.

i definitely put in a lot of work in myself, healed a lot and will continue to grow, evolve and become a stronger me. Taking all the losses and turning them into wins and bringing it all with me into 2021.

2021 is GO time BABY.

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