unlearning family

they say blood is thicker than water when it comes to family but in reality that isn’t always the case for some of us. what does family mean to you? what does family look like to you? what does family feel like for you?

we don’t get to pick and choose the family we are born into or raised. as we grow up, we learn that we get to pick and choose our own family through real friendships.

while the process of this becomes hard at times because sometimes family members can be toxic and its unfortunate that we have to cut ties. we have been conditioned to think family is this unbreakable bond of support and “blood is thicker than water” and how family will always be there… so we get shamed and hated if we broke up with our own family members.

this is the world we live in. the value in the word family seems to be so heavy and strong that people justify shitty human behaviors. what the flying fuck is that all about?!

i’m lucky to be apart of the family i have in some aspects, however i lack the rest and i am not close to my own family members. i can comfortably sit here and say, i don’t fucking know them. they don’t fucking know me either. they have the same vision /version of me in their minds when i am constantly growing and evolving by the minute.

they don’t hear me, they don’t see me for who i really am. why must i excuse that because they are “family”?

there’s so much unlearning to do with family and the way we are conditioned to view family. its not always what it seems and not everyone is in a safe place with the family they didn’t get to choose.

in this life, there is so much unlearning to do and ta lot of reprogramming. the journey isn’t easy but its definitely well worth it to be yourself and happy.

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