submitting to your emotions

not sure what came over me tonight but i feel a bit sad. so i’m going to allow myself to feel the sadness. i’m aware of it coming over me and i was trying to fight it off earlier but then i thought to myself, you know what.. lets hang out. to allow myself to let the sadness take over and feel it.

i’m not even sure why i am sad tonight. i’ve been thinking if it is because of this? is it because of that? and that’s not really letting the emotion do its thing.

so currently i just made myself some decaf coffee, i put on live christmas jazz music and i have two desserts i’m going to enjoy. such a wierd way to try and embrace the sadness huh?

i’m just going to let the sadness take over. its such a weird thing to blog and post about because i thought about writing in my journal but that doesn’t feel in alignment. i guess writing it here shows accountability.

i’m huge on practice what you preach as apart of my coaching so i think this is why i end up on here blogging about shit. still a man on a mission to cry. maybe this will lead me there one day?

i don’t think i have felt sad in a while, or at least not like this which is why i am welcoming it. this too shall pass and sadness is a temporary feeling just like all feelings. emotions/feelings come and go and you never know which one is going to show up. we can do so much to avoid and suppress but 2020 has taught me to be even more intune and self aware. so here we are feeling sad tonight.

don’t fight the feelings, allow them to come in and allow yourself to feel them because once we admit it, feel it, it will exit the body. trapped emotions cause more damage mentally and physically so whatever you are feeling and fighting against, just let go baby and let it come and then let it go. inhale and exhale.

love you.

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