Donation Based Life Coaching

ok i’ve come to the conclusion… well more like circled back to the original goal for coaching with me.

due to the circumstances of my personal finances and the world around us, a lot of us are without a job, a lot of us are struggling mentally. mental health is at an all time high, the suicide rate is climbing.

everyone told me to push coaching and monetize it but it’s just not where my heart is. the money stress and energy truly brought me down recently and trust me i feel the financial hit as well. i may not display that i am struggling, who wants to? but fuck i sure am but you know what? fuck it.

my heart is pure and i want to continue to help people who truly need it and can’t afford it. so i took out my pricing and i replaced it to a direct paypal link as a donation base. it’s now officially swapped over and it is now on my linktree from instagram as well.

if you ever feel called to or have a few bucks, feel free to donate and if you don’t, i want you to know it is ok because at the end of the day, i truly want what is best for you and for you to live a day lighter and happier.

if you don’t feel like you are ready to speak to me virtually or instant messaging, then you can always email me and vent in there if you wish just to get things off your chest that you can’t to others.

i have moments i want to just type and send shit out as a release instead of writing it in a kept journal where its still here. if you wish for me to respond you can simply disclose it at the very end of your email that you want a response, if its not there then I won’t.

i want you to live a day lighter, happier because i truly want what is best for you and your mental health.

i know i’m not ghandi but i rather operate from my heart and freely instead of monetizing on people and their shit. if i can get monetize through youtube and social media then i will continue to provide free/donation based coaching. maybe i’ll start a non-profit to give back. who knows but this is what feels good to me and feels more authentic.

i want to give back to the community through one conversation at a time and to hear your stories is an honor for me to help you through the tough parts of your life.

help me, help you.

email me if you need to vent :

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