life works in its weirdest ways. could this have been a coincidence? probably and sometimes that’s all it is but could this have been a sign? no idea. life is filled with mysteries.

i left training a little bit later than usual because i was trying to catch my breathe and make sure my legs worked again. also that muffin was making its way up my throat. good work out though.

on the way home was where the excitement kicked in and it’s also been a while since i felt this adrenaline rush. there was this car, lightly modded and it had some pink accents so for sure its safe to say it was a woman’s car. Also the driver was a girl cause i saw her bright blonde hair. at first i thought of it as a joke while we were stopped at a light before we got on the freeway. i took an IG story of it and captioned it.. ” i think i just found my future wife” the girl did have her IG handle on her car but i wasn’t close enough to see it.

she had california plates. her car is black like mine. why is this interesting? i just started modding my car again. minor things to make it look slightly different. it was the pure excitement and joy i had when i was in the car culture. i missed it. i didn’t realize how much i missed it until i started doing it again. anyways to come across another black lexus with slight mods and a girl? so you can see why i thought the “future wife” thing was funny.

it so happen that i decided to wear pink socks today too. like i litereally thought about pink this morning.. and on “wednesdays we wear pink” from mean girls was the whole motive behind it. super weird right? with all her pink accents. anyways we get on the freeway.. and the chase begins. i didn’t think much of it but she took off when i came up behind her and so we “raced” on the road for a little until i slowed down because, i haven’t driven like that in so long and there was a lot of cars and i am old now to try to cut shit close and all that young speed racer stuff haha

i must say… that girl knew how to drive. i’ll give her that. she definitely squeezed in last minute here and there, weaving in and out traffic. so yes i lost her for sure haha so whoever you are, you win. however the rush i felt. it’s been a while since i felt young and alive like that. short lived but amazing.

then one of my friends dm’d me saying to look her up by her license plate since she had custom plates like me but i ignored it. so i went back and looked at the video again and then….she had the numbers 626 in between her CALI plates..and i grew up from the 626 area code. fucking weird. (i moved out of cali 6 years ago)

what a weird coincidence? i don’t know if its a sign or not, whatever it maybe…it was fun and it makes me smile.

a lot of what i am doing now is basically tracing back to what i use to do that brought me joy. customizing my car was a huge part of me. i stopped because tickets and the more you fuck with your car at times, the more that shit won’t last. i tore up my scion tc back in the day and i just never want to do that again haha so i been driving stock and like a grandpa. its funny that i also had a talk with my friend about how out here in vegas, i don’t know where the car culture is and its super RARE to see import cars. i’ve seen the expensive car meets around here but coming from the car culture out in cali, its a normal thing and you see tuner cars left and right.

i think pursuing things that make you happy and brings out the kid in you is very healing. obviously we can’t act like irresponsible children but doing it responsibly now that we are older and wiser.. is fun and again very HEALING.

i had a few heavy days and to be able to have this quick experience definitely lightened up my heart and mood.

whoever that girl may be… thank you. thank you for showing up and having a short run with me. i enjoyed the chase.

something so little made a huge difference in my mood. it helped bring me back to me again and i know i’m on the right path.

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