Questioning “Passion”

what if we never truly find passion for anything in life?
passion projects, passionate relationships, passion in our careers?
what if the search to find passion doesn’t even exist?

how do you define passion?
to what degree does passion really make an impact in life?
what if we were never talked to about finding passion?
would we then continue to go on this hunt?

some can label what they do as passion but could it be because they are comfortable and content so that to them is passion?

while i’ve noticed if you asked certain people that have been at their jobs for some time, when they truly think about the word passion.. no one knows what it means anymore. most people’s answers come back negative, they are no longer passionate about their job, career, and or relationships.

the multi-levels of passion is defined upon each individual.

how deep am i trying to go with this?

to me, i feel like maybe this is self-induced anxiety thinking that passion should be this earth shattering feeling.

then again does passion evolve and change as we progress, grow and mature?

does passion also get ruined by outside influences? if so, can it also be restored by other outside influences?

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