Purging Time

its time to let it all fucking go. i’ve been feeling cramped and heavy. realizing that i have a lot of stuff that i no longer use. there so much just sitting around collecting dust when someone else could use it more than me. so i started purging. what else is there to do during the pandemic? so many people hoarded shit in the very beginning. i’ve always hoarded food and snacks and my pantry isn’t big either. i’d love a walk in pantry one day.

anyways, i tend to stash things and forget them and when the craving hits, its like almost too late. during the past few months, i’ve been slowly clearing things. actually a lot of shit have expired and that helped cleared so much out and gave me so much more free space. however i do feel like it was such a waste. now i’m trying to be more mindful when it comes to food items.

now i’m at the point where i am kicking it into full drive with cleaning and organizing. i recently went through burn out with work and mentally i am withdrawn. i had 0 energy to want to create or do anything. i’m still currently recovering. i’m not 100% just yet but i’m definitely slowly getting out of the slump.

i know i am not the only one going through this weird phase of withdrawal from the world. we are EXHAUSTED. so the best thing i can do besides resting which is actually needed but i felt like i still needed to do something that is still productive. doing mindless things = purging and organizing.

it all started with my computer. as i’m diving more into youtube and editing videos, my mac was running slower and slower. then i get the alert that i’m running out of space, so i started moving things over to a portable hard drive and upgraded my ram to the max my mac can have.

then i started purging through my instagram following list because some accounts weren’t active and some just no longer serve me. i was no longer into those accounts like i once was. i mean hey, our taste and interests will always change too. sometimes with instagram, what you expose yourself to can cause depression and trigger your mental health to go down.

now back to purging household items, the biggest one to tackle yet would be my closet. i organized things in the closet but the real job is clothes. i haven’t gone anywhere and if i do, i’m in my daily gym wear. i don’t have the need to dress up so this is going to be a tough one. meanwhile there are some items where i just no longer want. i’ve been posting it on poshmark. as for some, i’m gathering for donation. there is just so much more to go through! if anyone is interested in my clothes my poshmark link is below.

Shop My Closet Click Here

next up is my garage, wanting to paint one side matte black to set up a work out area. then i need to figure out storage. it might be mindless but its keeping me moving and its productive. its about time we go through our storage and our belongings right? its the best we can do during a pandemic. get organized and get our homes situated or fix shit that needed our attention in our loving homes.

living minimalistic would be ideal but it will definitely take time to adjust to less and less. less is more for sure.

purging isn’t as mindless as we think it is because there are psychological attachments to things. all our belongings also hold energy. some good, some bad and sometimes it triggers memories and thats ok. so far its been doing me well clearing out old shit. getting rid of things that people have given me that aren’t even in my life anymore.. honestly serves me no purpose. especially ones that have hurt me or done me wrong. those bad energies gots to fucking go.

i still have a lot of shit to go through but its been pretty freeing the more i get rid of. down to the real essentials that we truly need. all the extras are luxurious items in my eyes now. i’ve been blessed and now i hope my items that people do buy can bring them joy. i’ve definitely learned to appreciate what i have this year with the lock down. realized and learned my spending habits and now i’m posting things on offer up and poshmark for others that could use it, maybe even need it more than me.

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