Breaking Down

the universe really wants me to take the day off today. all my appointments for today all got moved out of no where. i’m also very exhausted mentally and psychically that i literally can not function today. barely moving and getting things done. i’m definitely breaking down and feeling the burn out right now.

i should really just let it take over me and rest up but my mind doesn’t stop. even though my mind is also burned out, its still trying. i woke up hella early today and was able to finish up my video edits and upload. then i managed to clean my room up a little bit but really i just swapped out my bedding and threw the dirty ones in the wash.

i feel scattered brained and honestly i have nothing. i’m beyond exhausted and i feel like i drowned. i also feel like i need to unplug from the world. social media, content creating and even engaging right now is hard. is this the mars retrograde? who the fuck knows. i’m so burned out i don’t even want to be near anything or anyone.

at the end of this random blog post, remember to schedule rest and breaks for yourself beofre you burn out like me with nothing left to say or give. part of doing the work is also to stop doing the work. take time for yourself to breathe, take days off, rest days are important.

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