it seems like the common theme lately is “timing” when it comes with people showing up in my life. collaborating with the right people at the right time also. i feel the universe is sending me these people at the right time with the right messages. as i continue to have these conversations on my youtube channel, it has been amazing.

i’m also going to also move the audios over to a podcast on spotify but i am definitely struggling with a name at the moment but i’m sure it will come to me.

all these messages are coming in with people i am speaking and working with have seem to have common themes so i feel secure in what i am doing. this is what i love and enjoy for the time being.

also i realize that when i do have vulnerable moments and feel like i’m going to spiral out is when i get messages at the right moments to snap me out of things. so i know i am protected as always. i thank each and every person that is in my life right now.

i am proud, thankful and super grateful of the people that show up for me on the daily as i continue to show up for me every second of every day. the more i show up for myself, the more i am able to reach out, make these conversations happen, and most of all show up for them as well.

i learned that it really comes down to an equal amount of give and take from both sides. nothing is forced, nothing is chased, it just flows smoothly. the right people come and help you out just as much as you help them out. no questions asked, nothing is expected in return. it just fucking works flawlessly almost and i say almost is because nothing in life is ever perfect.

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