journaling was something i use to do then i would get sick of it and stop. it was useful during certain times but lately i’m wondering if i’ve probably gone about it wrong? not that there is a right or wrong way to journal but i think now i’m starting to use it in a relasing way. like i said in my previous blog post about tears, we get trapped emotions inside our bodies and the build up gets bad.

my thoughts build up a lot in my head, then comes the emotions and everything else gets fired off. sometimes i can feel it trapped in me so i thought now as i journal to write down my thoughts and feelings it would be released. i want to say its helping instead of it going in circles making me spiral out at times. now to keep that chaotic loop in my head to be manageable, i’m jotting it down in my journal so it can land and end in my journal. not letting it stay in my body to continue circulating and causing more stress and build up. write it out, let it out and have it be the end of it. almost like set it and forget it type shit.

i guess now when i do things, write things, i’m coming at it with intentions instead of just doing shit. my intentions with these thoughts is to release and let it make room for what truly matters. doing my best to conserve my energy.

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