Physical Health

physical health is just as important as mental health.

i’ve been super lucky to have met my buddy Chris about 2 years ago from a crossfit gym he coached at. such an authentic man, someone i truly look up to and want to grow up to be one day.

super happy we are able to start training again. i think the last time we trained was back in march before the shut down. so its been a good 6 months. luckily i didn’t really gain much weight from quarantine.. max 5lbs in the past 6 months! i’ve started back on tracking my macros and now training with him 3x a week. getting back into the health and fitness parts of my life.

when i first started back in 2014, it was to drop weight. i didn’t know shit about diet except what everyone knows when it comes to losing weight….cardio, cardio, cardio but thats simply just good for your heart and endurance. its really all about our diet and strength training. the more muscles we have the more fat we burn. for me diet wise first started as counting calories then i moved into counting macros which has truly made a difference. I did so well counting calories in the beginning but then it just kind of stopped working and i stayed at the same weight for 2 years until i dove into macros and it changed my life. instantly my weight dropped so fast and my body went through a recomposition.

now let me be one of those douchebags and talk about crossfit. crossfit was a huge part of my fitness journey and it truly changed my life. the community, the group workout, the music is what i loved. we all suffereing and dying together with loud ass music. however after a few years, i stopped and went into olympic weight lifting for a year. now back to that body building life with 1:1 with chris. fast forward to now, we are doing both some metcons along with strength training. i realized my endurance and stamina had plummeting when i went into oly training.

when i started back training with chris, i also went to his buddy who is a chiropractor, got things checked out and came to the conclusion that my tailbone is fractured and that my core is weak. my low back pain is also caused by some weird spaces and i already have arthritis starting as well. which makes a lot of fucking sense as to why my core is so fucking weak and my low back always hurts.

fitness has played a huge part of my life journey and has helped me so much mentally. being able to take out frustrations and wear myself out so i don’t keep thinking, overthinking. crossfit helped me build confidence and just overall strength. i didn’t know i had it in me to do all that crazy shit. i do one day want to go back to crossfit for sure once chris opens up his own gym.

this post isn’t as detailed as i would like but i know health and fitness changed my life for the better and definitely helped build strength, character, and confidence. look good, feel good. most of all i want to be healthy. also taking care of our bodies helps us as we age. i’m not working out just to work out. i’m working to build. i have a specific physique i am chasing and i know i will get there one day. this also teaches discipline and dedication. putting in work and staying consistent. so this is why i believe physical health is just as important as mental health. take care of your mind, body and soul. working out definitely helps release endorphins and makes you happy. sure helps clear my mind and gets my days going.

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