create change

i’ve been doing a lot of planning, researching and restructuring. i might be in too deep but i got a lot of work cut out for me even though it doesn’t sound like a lot at the same time. i’m taking my time with my plan and not forcing myself to put content out there. what i want to do is inspire and ignite people through my content and work. obviously i can’t go and tell the world what i am up to but all i know is, i’m going to continue to make every day count. i’m not going to set unrealistic goal expectations but i know its go time. at the end of the day i am going into a whole other direction than when i started. this literally just came to me this weekend and who knows it might change again. this is the process of life and shit right? i’m letting it guide me as i’m making moves daily. all i know is, i won’t know until i try. i’m not going to sit here and think about the what ifs, i’m just going to do it and see where life takes me. not forcing shit, no set deadlines, and enjoying the creating process.

less consuming, more creating by putting shit out there regardless if its good or shitty because i wouldn’t know what will work and what wouldn’t. living life in the i don’t give a flying fuck as long as i’m having fun. if i create that change, then i create it, if not thats okay too. i know i’m onto something though.

know that its never too late to start all over. take control of your life, take all your power and apply it to how you want to live your life. think about how you want your life to make you feel. things are changing in my mind and i’m going for it more than ever.

let’s fucking go.

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