oh how this word keeps coming up. everyone is guilty of it, i’m guilty of it because its all we fucking ever see. no one knows about it until you end up on the self help, self betterment/development side of life. its a fucking tough one to unlearn thats for sure.

this video was sent to me this early morning. i think this is a great share. i have so much i want to say about this but i’m still processing it. i know some parts of the video, i’ve done/contributed and of course we can always change and that’s exactly what i’ve been doing. rewiring my neural pathways and that hurts my head but it lead me to where i am. i’m happy and building healthy relationships because i’m surrounded by healthy people who are all bringing value to my life. lifting me up, making me feel good so i know i’m well on my way to create a better love.

i’ve been going through so much growth which also lead me to realize i’ve outgrown a lot of people. this part sucks because i hate leaving people behind.

break the toxic chain, break the codependency relationships. we got this!

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