I’m worth everything.

Don’t ever let anyone make you question your worth or make you feel less than. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel and treat you like you’re nothing becuase that is beyond disrespectful. Don’t ever let anyone treat you like garbage and make it seem like its your fault. Leaving you wondering where you went wrong. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re not good enough when you are actually well over qualified.

Listen up! Those are not your people. Those are toxic and shitty human beings who are struggling being unhappy and lost with themselves. That sounds harsh but thats truth. Toxic people prey on the weak or the nicest person in the room, Toxic people want to drag people who are doing better than them down. Misery loves company. They prevent you from growing, believing and achieving. Toxic people flip the script to talk their shit and voice their hate on someone who is actually good. Toxic people are very manipulative with their words. They tell you what you want to hear and provide fake support. I state these in the most nicest way possible because it took me YEARS to recognize all this. Yes its common sense but for me, I always try to see the good. Thats my own fault though and hey, I’m not fucking perfect. We all aren’t and I”m sure somewhere in our lives we were toxic too or contributed to it. I”ll fucking admit that and I own that shit. Life fuckery lessons happen at any age. Some learn it sooner, others learn it later. Trust the timing and process.

For the past 15 years, people have come, gone and took so much out of me but its never changed who I am. I got lost in their shit cause I’m a helper, fixer, healer? But they could never convert me even though they took advantage of my kindness, but little did they know, I knew all along at times too. I like to observe and thats how I know through the years, just by a simple presence, I can tell who is good and who is toxic. Some red flags are very visible while some are subtle but the intuitions do not lie.

With recent events, I am back to my higher self. Sounds weird, I know. I’m on a healing journey and it’s not fucking easy, HOWEVER what I’ve come to realize with my personal growth now to my healing, is how fucking blessed I truly am. I’ve always known my worth. I’ve always known I’m a decent human being, a fucking good man. I give a lot to people, to be used, abused and left. I questioned and hurt through the years and asked myself why does this keep happening to me?? Doesn’t sound good does it and you would think 15 years of this toxic pattern would change who I am. Nope, it’s not who I am because I will never turn my back to become cold and heartless. That would not align to my core values and that’s where I know I’m meant for greatness.

I continue to see potentials/goodness in people but now I’ve learned to love from afar. Thats my take away lesson from all the years of this bullshit. Again, I’m not perfect and I own up to my own young, childish toxic behaviors but also it takes 2 for that to happen. I own my half of the share holding. As much as I don’t like giving up on people, its not my job to fix them, not my job to want better for them. Thats all their shit to own, not me. It’s hard to watch when people self sabotage, devalue their worth, and become easily influenced because they are weakened and lost. Then to see their choices of what they think they deserve? That shit fucks me up to the core. I can’t stay and watch the train wreck. I can’t prevent them from hitting their own rock bottoms for awakening. Anyways, its heart breaking so I have to love from afar. I wish them all the very best because they deserve the very best. Everyone has the potential to switch up their lives and be the best version of themselves but not everyone wants to do the work. Its not an over night success or a one time thing to preach about. This is constant work every day for the rest of our lives.

I always downplay my worth and kept my feelings to myself by putting up a front. I wear a mask of strength for my own protection. I come off as the strong one, one to not fuck with because I have a big heart. I never want to be viewed/seen as weak. I show up with this mask to the world because deep down inside, I’m Drake, with all the feels. Thats fucking ok with me because I share my “Drakeness” with the right people that provide me security. More reasons now to understand why I do that cause not everyone deserves that side of me.

Income some woo woo stuff..

With the universe and guides, everything spiritual is honestly protecting me. I feel very well protected lately. I feel protected in a sense I feel calm, peace and safe. Maybe my higher ups had enough from afar and now stepped in as I’m doing the work. Sounds very out of left field for someone like me to talk about this. I was like this probably 10 years ago and I can’t remember why I stopped believing and listening. I believe I have a gift to share. I hope the people through the years remember me and what I’ve done for them. Maybe I was their stepping stone. Maybe I was there to fuck shit up? Who knows haha

Anyways all the right people are showing up now, the way my tarot reading said. They make me feel seen, heard, loved and very well supported. THOSE are my people that accept me fully. THOSE are MY PEOPLE who I trust and can share my truth with. I don’t need to put up a front or wear my strong mask around them. I’m beyond lucky to have met such beautiful people and have the connection that we share and it has been mind blowing. The love and support is so overwhelming but its so fucking good. Healthy. Definitely healthy. This is what it’s all about isn’t it? I’m leveling on up because they enrich my worth, they don’t take it away. They don’t make me feel less than. THey make me feel on top of the world and see the goodness in me.

A couple days ago, we were asked to put out a survey for people to list our top 3 strength characteristics. It came at the right time but I also knew the results I’ll get. Why? This isn’t being cocky, feeding my own ego , actually fuck that. I am not going to down play myself anymore, I’m fucking owning up and standing my ground in confidence because I know damn well who the fuck I am and what I offer. I know I’m worth fucking everything and more baby. Kindness came up at least 4x and I’ve always stayed kind even when people are fucked up towards me. Honest, dependable, real, compassionate, bold, humble. Thank you! I appreciate those words because I’ve told myself over and over again through the years, I want to live an honest and pure life. Jasper is home! Jasper is fucking home. I’m super excited and ready to continue down this path with these amazing and beautiful souls. Fucking beautiful.

The people that truly know me, know who the fuck I am, what I am about, what I bring to the table. They back me the fuck up and hype me up. The rest can fuck off. Talk your shit, try and bring me down when you know damn well it’s not going to happen. I put 1000% on that shit. I’m fucking golden. I’m untouchable. I’m a fucking beast in the purest form. I’m the fucking light and my guides got my back. I’m fucking everything and giving myself all I’ve got. I’m going to change your fucking life whether you like it or not. I’m just getting started, baby. I am fucking worth everything and more. Hate me, disrespect me all you want, it won’t change or break me and I’ll still make you feel loved and supported even if you don’t deserve it.

To those that have hurt, lied, cheated, stole from me and even the ones that left me in debt. I apologize for my fair share and own my half. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I’m still here wishing you the very fucking best because, I hear you, I see you, I FORGIVE YOU and still got mad love for you.

My kindness, my strength, and all that I give, I know who the fuck I am by knowing who the fuck i am not and I know I’m fucking worth everything.

End of the story, know your truth, know your worth because YOU have that power. No one can take away your worth, no one can make you feel worthless. Its your own fucking responsibility.

Take care of yourself everyone.

Know your worth and double that for what you deserve.

Love you and I love me so much more.

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